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Design & the Environment

The built environment contributes significantly to global carbon emissions.

As a group we collaborate with specialist partners to prioritise and drive sustainably based design solutions,

that are both responsible and future focussed.

We adopt a ‘circular mindset’ in our approach to design with a key commitment to:

  • Design for decarbonisation

  • Design for waste reduction

  • Design for energy efficiency

  • Design for longevity


Our methodology integrates the selection of responsibly sourced materials, products, technologies and specifications that comply with internationally recognised ecological, social and economic standards.  We believe in the effective redevelopment of existing buildings, as well as new build properties and consider their potential contribution from an environmental, biodiversity and cultural perspective.  Collectively, our team is focussed on sustainability & protecting the environment; along with the well-being of one another, our clients, partners and the wider global community.

As a creative business our strategy is aligned with The WELL Standard, LEED & BREEAM accreditation and the studio recognises the guidance provided by the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC).

Énergie solaire

Integration of PV Solar technologies incorporated as part of an extensive green roof solution; the specification forms part of an overall architectural design for the extension & re-development of an existing retail destination.


Incorporating biophilia within the workplace, with a creative focus on place-making, well-being and the branded environment.


An accessible, multi-leveled external plaza featuring both hard & soft landscaping: a private development but seen very much in the context of the public realm.


Exploring the footprint & configuration of individual house types and the impact on energy efficiency in the context of new housing and residential accommodation.


An intensive sedum roof implemented as part of a new build coastal retreat.

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