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town centre living

An innovative architectural design solution, configured as a collection of curated urban blocks; Three & Four storey buildings grouped around defined open space to provide a safe, healthy variety of living accommodation. 


A combination of modular townhouse styled buildings & clustered apartment layouts creates an adaptable model with the potential for the design to be successfully applied & scaled appropriately to different sites in other locations.  The format being one which is capable of delivering contemporary Social Housing with a prominent ‘sense of place’ & a quality of environment that can engender both ownership & belonging

The proposed scheme enables a positive relationship with the Town Centre, providing new connected routes & safe, open amenity space as part of a cohesive vision.  In addition, the design achieves a high degree of permeability, which reinforces its unique character and that functions as an active part of the urban streetscape.  Shared pedestrian/public access, through the landscaped park/gardens provides a physical link to optimise and integrate with the existing infrastructure, encouraging wider connections.


The intended development of Social Housing on the site provides increased residential use as an extension of the Town Centre and helps set the tone for an urban masterplan, with the potential to rejuvenate land use and the surrounding area. 

Design Team:

Architects: studio | dsq

Civil/Structural Engineers: Waterman Moylan

MEP Engineers: Waterman Moylan

Landscape Architect: Nemoralis Landscape Architecture

QS/Cost Consultant: Levins Associates

Fire Consultant: Profire

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